The top 25 coins with one click

The new generation of crypto: Take a position in the cryptocurrency market with LyCI, the “crypto of cryptos”

Introducing LyCI

The top 25 coins with one click

The new generation of crypto: Take a position in the cryptocurrency market with LyCI, the “crypto of cryptos”


The top 25 coins with one click

The new generation of crypto: Take a position in the cryptocurrency market with LyCI, the “crypto of cryptos”

Token Distribution

Why buy the LyCI Service Token?

Please consider the Restricted Jurisdictions under the Terms of Service.

Take a position in the market

Rather than choosing “the next Bitcoin”, take a position in the market, focusing on those projects that together are likely to succeed – even if some do not make it.

Simple, accessible and tradable – an ERC20 token

The LyCI Service Token (ticker: LyCI) is designed such that its settlement value tracks the Lykke Index (shown below). Get access to the top 25 with just one click.

Diversify into crypto

Currently crypto-assets account for the equivalent of only 0.04% of all existing traditional assets currently valued at 318 trillion USD.

Low fees

Only a low 1.45% service fee is deducted from the basket value on a minute by minute basis.

Token Distribution

What assets are included?

Bitcoin – 59.05 %
Ripple – 12.19 %
Ethereum – 11.40 %
Bitcoin Cash – 2.11 %
EOS – 2.08 %
Litecoin – 1.86 %
Stellar – 1.80 %
Tron – 1.68 %
Bitcoin SV – 1.23 %
Cardano – 1.04 %
IOTA – 0.75 %
Monero – 0.74 %
DASH – 0.60 %

NEO – 0.47 %
NEM – 0.46 %
Ethereum Classic – 0.44 %
Maker – 0.33 %
Zcash – 0.28 %
Waves – 0.26 %
Tezos – 0.24 %
VeChain – 0.23 %
Dogecoin – 0.22 %
Bitcoin Gold – 0.19 %
Ontology – 0.19 %
Qtum – 0.17 %

Weighting is not live but from the time of creation of this post, 26 January 2019. Updated weighting to be found on the LyCI Index page.

More products

Pay LyCI tracks the top 10 cryptocurrencies that can be used to buy and sell goods and services. Similar to traditional currency, the value of these cryptocurrencies may rise or fall. It is considered a matter of near certainty that blockchain solutions will change how we pay for goods or services but exactly which, if any, of the current solutions will be the ones that our children use on a daily basis is still uncertain. As a result, users can benefit hugely from exposure and access to a single weighted collection of these different currencies, so that you have all the benefits of diversification and upside of growth potential.

Smart LyCI tracks the top 10 blockchain projects working on improving how contractual agreements are recorded and settled. Smart contracts aim to facilitate agreements to be carried out among two or more parties remotely, without the need for a legal system, lawyers or courts. They render transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible by recording the terms digitally on the blockchain. They ensure that the amount agreed is held in the system — not by a third party — and is only released once the terms of the contract are settled. No party can run away with the money and there are no hefty commissions to lawyers or agents.

Don’t worry, be Lykke, get LyCI!

Don’t be the person who “nearly” bought Bitcoin when it was worth the price of a pizza.

Heard the one about the guy who nearly bought Bitcoin in the early days? Thought so.

Everyone has been at a dinner party with someone that was “about to buy Bitcoin” just before it exploded. Sounds familiar? “If only I had followed my instincts! I don’t know why I didn’t go through with it!?”

How could you be sure back then that Bitcoin value would explode the way it did? It is impossible for anyone to know which products will become the next big thing and which are just a passing fad.

Remember Altavista? Remember MySpace? If you had jumped on board any of these when they were hot as hell and held on for dear life, you would be left out in the cold right now. If you had, on the other hand, opted at the same time for Google or Facebook instead, well then today you would be very happy indeed.

Is there an easy way not to be the person who “nearly bought Bitcoin”? Is there an easy way to be the person that jumps on the next Crypto equivalent of Google or Facebook?

Now there is a way to be both! The LyCI Service Token.

With a few clicks, you can now access the top 25 Cryptos in the market based on their market capitalisation. Instead of constantly worrying that your Bitcoin will become the next Altavista, usurped by the cool new Crypto hyped to be the next big thing, you can just sit back and let LyCI do all the work for you. It is rebalanced minute-by-minute which means as cryptos gain and fall out of favour, you get a piece of this action as it is happening.

How does it actually work?

LyCI is a service that Lykke Exchange offers to its clients. When you buy a LyCI service crypto token, you get access to a basket of the top cryptocurrencies, but not cryptocurrencies themselves physically. The Service Token entitles you to settle at any time those crypto assets, represented by LyCI at their live value. At the time you chose to settle the top 25 assets may be completely different from those that constitute LyCI now. Because as soon as an asset starts to devalue, LyCI starts reducing your position in it, and increases your position in the appreciating assets. This is why you automatically always hold the top ones with LyCI.

Forget the hassle – start with LyCI today!